Self​-​Titled 10th Anniversary Edition

by Khantra

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released April 13, 2012

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios in Lincoln Park N.J. August 2001.



all rights reserved


Khantra New Jersey

Khantra is a four-person augmented hardcore band hailing from northern New Jersey. Originally formed in 1998, Khantra was well-known for a unique experimental sound not limited by typical genres and constraints. Along with this dynamic nature, the band maintained a consistent emphasis on intense live performance, layered vocal arrangements, and detailed yet powerful song structures. ... more

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Track Name: Mouthpiece
Mouthpiece is your moniker,
Your words and actions all concur.
Masks on others mask your own,
Silent killer with a family tone.
Keep production at a steady pace.
Silent killer with a family face.

(they're always keeping us in mind
and you know that you'll be waiting in line)
Your dynasty thinks that you can't see what you're doing.
(what we do, cut down again)
We're not all at your command and when we take a stand,
it's what we're doing.
(marked with a growing scar)
You've read the lines, You've read the lies.
(marked with what you are)
Don't try to mask your surprise.
Track Name: Bad Omen
nervously i
i looked at my watch
but i didn't
see what time it was
i guess i was just
lost in something that was
is it safe for me to say

this mixture
is not soluble
no solution
all is impossible

i wish i could
make it obvious
or maybe i should
just try to hide it
the things we had
they are now in the past
so i'll just leave it up to you

i tried to build an excuse
i used cardboard and hot glue
and then i fell
appart on you

but what would you think
and i hope when it's gone
i don't think that it's wrong
i just want what you think
Track Name: Cutting Corners
somehow or another
it's likely that i'll discover
why everyone's more concerned
with getting ahead and not keeping up with
all the stupid fucks that are just like them
they're cutting corners
now they're gonna fit in
i don't want to ever fit in

your conscience knows
no boundaries
this system shows
no interest in me

seeing something only halfway through
it's easier to give up than to do
where we are
when we fall
Track Name: Are You Who?
I know you have a lot to say
about the world and how you pray
but don't think that you can see
what you think that you believe now

what you do
(you know is right)
but i see it in
(a different light)

when you're walking down the street
are you who you want to be?
when you look into the mirror
are you who you want to see now?
Track Name: New Song
the stars invite
special attention
these words aren't right
no sense of redemption
and when you say that these things can't get any worse
you know they can't
and even if they could
i don't think that it's understood
what's understood

what's understood
i could never stand
so fuck you and
the indifferent past

and when you say that these things can't get any worse
you know they can't
and even if they could
i don't think that it's understood
what's understood
Track Name: Universal
there's a sickness in our scene
kids with corporate scams and schemes
they'll book a show every night
make promoters have to fight
all the kids do what they're told
all the kids are bought and sold
don't be told to eat a dick
let them know you're sick of it

they've got dollar signs in their eyes
these corporate kids are on the rise
Track Name: Altercation
why is everything that i do
a sentence finished before it is through
what i can't do i'm expected to
and if i could i wouldn't want to now
i can't get back to now

and when you expect me
to say that isn't fair
can't you see that
nothing was ever there
i didn't want to see
i didn't want to breathe
what you took away from me
is something that you don't deserve to see now,
i don't think that you would understand
i didn't want to know
and if you weren't allowed
i know why you did want
i didn't want to know
why can't you take it from me.

you left me upstairs without a clue
and you said that was the best you could do
and i know why you were wrong
i'm gone you're gone "why are you so?" down
who's gonna help you down
Track Name: Lump Sum
something's wrong
inside of me
won't play along
can't see your plea
how can this
even exist
does it really
fucking exist

41 the lump sum of 4 blind mice deaf and dumb
41 the lump sum of 4 young dumb and armed with guns
it's a wallet not a gun

what we see
something grows
laws are just
walls with doors
portraying no

depending on something that is not within
maybe we're not asking enough questions
far away, why are we so
Track Name: Jurk
do you know what makes a jerk
is he frank and or just really curt
does he tell you what you want to hear
does it matter when nothing is clear

i wanna be a jerk
tell you things can't work
if i was a jerk
maybe things might work

he's got everything fucking planned out
got everything that comes out of his mouth
there's nothing that'll turn right
it doesn't matter because it's out to sight

i wanna be a jerk
tell you things can't work
i am a jerk
according to everyone
except you me
Track Name: Missile Attack
have you heard the news
out there in animal town
there's nuclear winter raining down
where are they gonna hide
they drop down from the sky
they say these savages must die

missile attack on animal town

now that they've dropped the bombs
there is no animal town
they burned that place to the ground
they built some parking lots
lots and lots
there is no mourning for the dead

missile attack on animal town
Track Name: Licnep
your congested mind
makes you confused
every time that you find
you know that you've
been used

now they pulled the rug
right out from under you
now you see the truth
now you know that you've
been used

i know the government rules you
i've seen the things they do
i don't want to participate
i don't want to be abused
been used